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Cross-Country Ski, Snowshoe, and Snow Bike on Ironwood’s Wolverine Nordic Ski Trails

Wolverine Nordic Ski Trails

Wolverine Nordic Ski Trails, located a short distance into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, offer 24 km of ski trails, including several loops for classic striding and skate skiing. There are 14 km of marked snowshoe trails and 7 km of snow bike trails.

The trail system traverses natural rolling terrain through a northern hardwood forest with great vistas. The trails are designed for all skill levels of skiing, snowshoeing, and snow biking. Lake-effect snow blankets the area with snow that tends to arrive earlier, pile deeper, and last longer than anywhere else in the Midwest.

Wolverine Nordic Trails are located between Ironwood and Bessemer. The chalet is located a short distance off of U.S. Highway 2. There are trailheads at the Aspirus Ironwood Hospital and at Powderhorn Mountain Ski Resort.

Volunteers with the Wolverine Nordic Ski Club maintain and groom the trail system. Donation boxes (suggested $10 per day) are located at major trailheads and also at the chalet. For trailhead information and other details, check the Wolverine Nordic Ski Trails website the chalet at (906) 932-0347.

About Wolverine Nordic Ski Trails

The cross-country ski trails accommodate all levels of skill, from expert to novice. They range in length from 0.2 km to 5.6 km.

  • Warm-Up Loop: 0.2 km, easiest
  • Novice Loop: 2 km (blue markers), easiest
  • Wolverine Loop: 4.7 km (pink markers), more difficult with some most difficult
  • Cliffs Trail: 1.4 km (green markers), more difficult
  • Cliff Hanger: 1.7 km (orange markers), most difficult
  • Powderhorn Loop: 5.6 km (yellow markers), more difficult and most difficult
  • Powderhorn Cutoff: 0.1 km (by using this cutoff, Powderhorn Loop is 4.37 km)
  • 3 Sisters Cutoff: 1 km (by using this cutoff, Powderhorn Loop is 2.12 km)

Fat tire snow bikes are allowed on bike trails only. They are not allowed on groomed ski trails. Powderhorn Pipeline Fat Bike Trails are groomed for winter biking. Snowshoe trails may also be used for winter biking, but use caution crossing groomed ski trails and encountering those on snowshoes.

There are four snowshoe trails:

  • Hospital Loop Trail: 4.5 km, most difficult
  • Snowflake Loop Trail: 2.1 km, easiest
  • Snow Snake Trail: 2.3 km, more difficult/intermediate
  • Snow Summit Loop: 2.8 km, more difficult/intermediate


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