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Sayner/Star Lake Barnstormers Pave the Way for Great Snowmobiling

Sayner Star Lake Barnstormers Snowmobile Club

Snowmobiling has come a long way from the early days, when trails were nonexistent and machines faltered en route to the rider’s destination. Today’s machines are incredibly reliable and comfortable, and a vast network of well-groomed and signed trails awaits snowmobile enthusiasts.

The Sayner/Star Lake Barnstormers Snowmobile Club was among the very first to build trails—there were no snowmobile trails in Vilas County when the club was founded back in 1969 with 27 charter members. Today, their trail system of about 80 miles is recognized as one of the best signed and maintained trail systems anywhere.

Their system includes the state’s oldest snowmobile trail—Trail 51, which runs through the heart of the Northern Highland/American Legion State Forest—along with their other trails bordering with and stretching from Arbor Vitae, Boulder Junction, Conover, Eagle River, and St. Germain.

With 190 family members strong, the Barnstormers epitomize the sport that includes family members of nearly all ages. A number of families have multiple sleds, with many youngsters starting out with Kitty Cats.

Like other clubs, the Barnstormers are busy before the first snowflakes fall. They sign and brush trails, build new trails as needed, host fundraisers, maintain tractors and groomer drags, recruit new members and groomer drivers, and apply for state funding that, along with fundraisers and membership fees, pays for new (and expensive) equipment and gas for grooming—all done by volunteers!

Rest assured, when the work is done the trails are beautiful—especially so through the forests of the great Northwoods.

You’re invited to join the club! Members take part in trail rides and enjoy special events. Barnstormers offer a family membership for $30, which includes the AWSC membership and allows you to get a discounted trail pass for those whose sleds are registered in Wisconsin. Go to saynerbarnstormers.com to learn more.

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