Northern Wisconsin & U.P. Waterfalls Awaiting You This Spring


Waterfalls are captivating all year long: whether surrounded by the summer’s greenery or the fall’s fiery hues, whether shimmering with ice crystals in the winter or roaring with snowmelt and nourishing rains in the spring.

Lucky for us, this land we call Up North has many waterfalls to brag about, so wherever your travels throughout Northern Wisconsin and U.P. Michigan take you this season, a waterfall will be but an easy drive away. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so we recommend that you get started on your quest for falls tout de suite.

While exploring the falls, please use caution and your best judgment when traversing the earth and rocks near the falls; your path will likely be uneven and slippery. Enjoy the falls from an appropriate distance to get a full sweeping view, to keep yourself safe, and to preserve the sites’ pristine beauty.

Two Breathtaking Falls Near Paulding, Michigan

Agate Falls Scenic Site

Trout Creek, Michigan

Agate Falls is widely considered one of the most picturesque falls in the U.P. View these 40-foot-high falls via an accessible trail. Parking, water, toilets, and picnic tables are available here while the park is open (early May through late October).

Bond Falls

Haight Township, Michigan

These are very popular falls—and for good reason. There are six locations from which to view these magnificent falls, which boast a total drop of approximately 50 feet. There is roadside parking available, as well as picnic tables and an accessible boardwalk. Parking also at base of the large falls. Permit required.

Five Falls in Western U.P. & Iron County, Wisconsin

Superior Falls

Near Saxon, Wisconsin

Superior Falls encompasses a 110-foot height over several drops, just a few hundred feet away from Lake Superior. These falls straddle the Wisconsin–Michigan border, but they are most easily viewed from the Michigan side. From the parking lot, there is a trail with a rail to the viewing area. Please watch your step over the uneven terrain.

Potato River Falls

Gurney, Wisconsin

This is another arresting waterfall, with a total height of 90 feet. The falls are at the town park, where there are rustic picnic and camping areas available.


Wren Falls

Saxon Area, Wisconsin

From the parking area, you can hike Wren Falls up to the rustic campsite at the top of the hill, where you can view the north side of the 30-foot falls.

Upson Falls

Upson Area, Wisconsin

While these falls are a modest 18 feet in height, their draw lies in their sprawling width of 50 feet wide. The falls are located in Upson Town Park, which offers campsites and a picnic area.

Northwest Wisconsin Waterfalls

Copper Falls State Park

Mellen, Wisconsin

Waterfall in Copper Falls State Park Wisconsin

Visitors are drawn to Copper Falls State Park, in Ashland County, to visit several falls (some of which are 30 feet high) contained within it, but Copper Falls is also a popular place for swimming, cycling, and hiking. The park is open all year, but its concession stand closes for the winter.

Lost Creek Falls

Cornucopia, Wisconsin

If you’re looking for a serene falls-viewing experience, visit Lost Creek Falls. The drop is a modest 15 feet, but the cascades offer an appealing view. In warm months, you can even wade in the creek and stand behind the falls. You will come upon the falls early in your hike along a 2.2-mile trail.

Cascade Falls

Osceola, Wisconsin

If your travels bring you to Osceola, in Polk County, there is a lovely waterfall right near the center of town. Steps will lead you down to the gorge and Cascade Falls. The falls’ source is Osceola Creek, which flows through the Osceola Mill and into the St. Croix River.

A Gem in Northeast Wisconsin

Long Slide Falls

Pembine Area, Wisconsin

As the name suggests, these powerful falls rush through a narrow chute of handsome rock formations, with a steep drop of 50 feet. There is parking available close to the falls, and trails allow you to see the falls from both above and below. There are no fences or railings along the trail, so watch your step while viewing Long Slide Falls.