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August 2019 Running Events in Northern Wisconsin for Every Type of Runner


No matter if this will be your first race or your fiftieth, northern Wisconsin has the perfect running race for you this month!

For the New Runner

A 5K is a great event for someone new to running. Because the 5K is such a popular distance, most 5Ks are well attended, and the excitement at the starting line will keep you pumped for the entire race. It’s long enough to really feel like an accomplishment but not an insurmountable undertaking for the newbie. It’s not so long that your entire weekend will be spent racing and recovering. Here are some great 5Ks happening in our region in August 2019.


For the Novelty Seeker

For some of us, the simple act of running is the means and the end. It’s complete in itself, and there’s no need to dress it up. Others crave something a little different in their racing experience, and that’s okay, too. Here are three unique events for the novelty-seeking runner in our region this month.

  • 8/3: Savage Dash, Spooner. This mud run will take you on a crazy adventure through the obstacle course, down fire poles and slides, over hay bales and tires, along tight ropes, through water. We’re not going to say that it won’t be difficult, but we know it sure won’t be boring! This course is designed to be beginner-friendly, and all obstacles are optional. There’s also a Kids’ Dash the day before the Savage Dash for all the pint-sized adventure seekers out there.
  • 8/23: Ted’s Trek Glow Fun Run, Weston. Everything’s more fun when you’re glowing, and Ted’s Trek is no exception. Included in the cost of registration for this nighttime race are glow items. This event is to raise funds and awareness for organ donation, in honor Ted Gerbig (1948–2013), a recipient of a life-saving lung transplant in 2003.
  • 8/31: Northwoods Bad-Dash Obstacle Race, Manitowish Waters. This 4-mile, 12-obstacle course is open to participants age 14 and older. Celebrate your victory at the post-race party!


For the Multi-Sport Athlete

Like the novelty seeker, just running doesn’t quite hit the mark for you. You want to be challenged in multiple arenas. Namely, cycling, swimming, and paddling, in addition to running. After all, summer doesn’t last forever around here, and you better make the most of it by getting friendly with one of the Northwoods’ many amazing lakes. So here are a few can’t-miss triathlons of various distances that are happening this month.

  • 8/10: See Me Tri (also known as the Minocqua Triathlon), in Woodruff, offers both Sprint (500 m swim, 20K ride, 5K run) and Olympic (1500 m swim, 40K ride, 10K run) distances.
  • 8/11: Running Bear Triathlon, in Three Lakes, consists of a 15K ride, a 5K run, and .2K swim.
  • 8/24: Twin Triathlon, in Phelps, features an 8K paddle on North Twin Lake, a 16K bike ride, and a 5K run.
  • 8/24: WILD Hodag Mini-Triathlon, in Rhinelander, consists of a 300 yd swim or 1/2 mi kayak paddle, 10K off-road bike ride, and 5K run at Holiday Acres Resort.


For the True Nature Lover

Here are a couple of trail races happening in August that will take you on incredible journeys through Northwoods forests.

  • 8/24 Underdown Trail Races, in Gleason, offer 50 mile, 50K, half marathon, and 10K events.
  • 8/31: Lowenwood Lakes Half Marathon, in Land O’ Lakes, includes a half marathon and 5K. The event will take runners along seven lakes and features beautiful single-track sections and wide, grassy cross-country ski trails. The event is a collaboration between Great Lakes Endurance and The Conserve School of Land O’ Lakes.


For the Endurance Athlete

Are you the go-big-or-go-home type? Well, don’t go home; instead, sign up for one of these longer-distance races, and go to these beautiful locations.


We hope to see you at the starting line this August!




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