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Take a Relaxing Tubing Trip at Pine River Oxbow

A float on the Pine River Oxbow is the picture of a relaxing summer day. With very little development along its shoreline, Pine River runs through a northern forest of maple, beech, and basswood as well as occasional hemlock, red and white pine, birch, and quaking aspen along the riverbank with very little development along the shoreline. Birds and other wildlife are abundant in this scenic area.

The Pine River Oxbow refers to where the river bends between the County N Bridge Landing and the Oxbow Landing. The river’s near-circular path brings you almost back to your point of origin. Because of the picturesque river views and the fact that groups need not park a vehicle at the point of exit (which is only a quarter mile away from put-in) or arrange for a shuttle, this is a very popular spot for river tubing. Expect a float time of about 3 hours for this 3.5-mile trip. You’ll start your relaxing tubing trip at 4269 Pine River Rd, Florence, WI 54121.

Tubes are available to rent locally, at outfitters such as Nature’s Water Park and Wild Rivers Adventure Company, both in Florence. We recommend that you have a map handy or prepare directions before getting to the area because cell signal may be spotty in this area.

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