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Park Offers Journey into Wetlands and Vistas of Crystal-Clear Stone Lake

While wetlands are common throughout northern Wisconsin, we can usually glimpse them only at their fringes, where wetlands meet solid earth. That is, unless you happen to be in Stone Lake, where a 500-foot boardwalk meanders through a 6-acre wetland in a beautiful 17-acre park.

Have you ever had the opportunity to admire the clarity of Stone Lake (one of the clearest bodies of water in Wisconsin)? Well, we have these wetlands to thank, as they act as a natural filter, catching the sediment that would otherwise find its way into Stone Lake.

Stone Lake Community Wetland Park is located in the center of the Village of Stone Lake. You can access it from behind The Last Frontier on Highway 70 or at the park’s main entrance at Hwy. 70 and 3rd Street North. (The Last Frontier’s proximity to the park makes a perfect excuse to grab and ice cream cone to enjoy as you stroll along the boardwalk.)

In addition to the boardwalk over the wetlands, Stone Lake Community Park has walking trails meandering through the upland woods, two large picnic areas, and 14 benches where you can rest and admire your surroundings. A gazebo overlooking the lake from the park’s highest point and a covered bridge add to the Stone Lake Community Wetland Park’s charm.

You can find the Village of Stone Lake on Highway 70, 19 miles east of Spooner and 16 miles south of Hayward.

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