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Mush on Over to Merrill and Wausau for Exciting Sled Dog Races

Sled Dog Races Wisconsin

In true Northwoods fashion, winter is going to the dogs—you should be so lucky! Of course, we’re talking about sled dog races in Merrill and Wausau this winter.

These dogs are true athletes, born to run across miles of frozen tundra during their participation in an amazing sport that pairs canines with humans in what’s called sled dog racing. Races are held each winter in Merrill and Wausau.

Wisconsin Trailblazers Sled Dog Club Events

The Wisconsin Trailblazers Sled Dog Club is organizing the two events. There’s free admission and parking for spectators.

Children will absolutely love watching the dogs race. They can even go up and introduce themselves to the animals while they wait to race (check with owners first). They and you may be surprised to see some unexpected breeds, as not all sled dogs are Siberian huskies.

Race classes include 2-, 4-, 6-, and 10-Dog Adult Sled, Junior 2- and 3-Dog Sled, Skijor, and Open (if venue allows). For the latest information, go to facebook.com/WisconsinTrailblazersSledDogClub/ or visit the respective chamber of commerce website.

Merrill Winterfest Sled Dog Races: January 23–24, 2021

The Merrill Winterfest Sled Dog Races are scheduled the weekend of January 23–24 at Pine River Young Learners School, W4165 Highway 64, Merrill. This is another ISDRA-sanction races with cash purse and trophies for the top six places. The event attracts more than 100 mushers from throughout the Midwest and beyond. The top races are pro caliber, but there’s room for kiddie and celebrity racers too, as well as newcomers. There’s a wide range of outfits, from 2-dog teams up to 10-dog teams and including skijoring.

Willow Springs Round Barn Sled Dog Rally: February 20–21, 2021

The Willow Springs Round Barn Sled Dog Rally will be the weekend of February 20–21 in Wausau. The event will be hosted by the Willow Springs Garden, 5048 Hillcrest Dr., Wausau. Races get underway at 10 a.m. on both days. There will be various classes as noted above.

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