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How to Support Your Favorite Up North Businesses and Communities Even When You’re Stuck at Home

Support Northern Wisconsin businesses from home

Whether you are self-quarantining, your travel plans were derailed, or you simply don’t have a trip Up North planned for a few months, you can still get an Up North experience. Here are seven ideas to help support your favorite Up North businesses and communities—right now, and right from your home.

1. Buy gift cards.

Purchase gift cards or gift certificates to your favorite restaurants, wineries, breweries, resorts, spas, and other attractions. Restaurants and other businesses receive revenue from the gift card or certified when you purchase it, so if you are able to buy a gift card or certificate now and redeem it during your next visit Up North, you will be helping a Northern Wisconsin or U.P. Michigan business get through a difficult time.

2. Purchase merch.

Buy merchandise from your favorite northern Wisconsin or U.P. Michigan restaurant, resort community, coffee house, brewery, or bar. It could be a pint glass, t-shirt, mug, hat, or car decal. Not only will the revenue be much appreciated; you’ll also advertise the business you love every time you use or wear the merch.

3. Shop online or over the phone.

Do you have a favorite bait-and-tackle shop or chic boutique Up North? Many shops have online catalogs, and you can order right from your computer or mobile device. And many other shops would be happy to ship the item right to your door if you call them up and place an order over the phone.

4. Follow along on social media.

Follow your favorite Up North businesses and communities on social media to follow along with their efforts to keep their patrons and community safe and healthy. You’ll also be in the know if any events have been postponed or canceled.

5. Share great posts.

You love businesses and communities Up North, and your social media friends will love them, too. Sharing small businesses’ and communities’ posts helps their marketing efforts go further, especially during difficult times.

6. Don’t ghost on your reservations.

If you have booked dining reservations or lodging accommodations, we hope you can still make your trip! But if you decide to postpone your outing, be sure to call and cancel your reservation. This courtesy helps business owners and managers make appropriate staffing arrangements.

7. Keep planning your adventures.

Don’t stop dreaming about your future adventures Up North! Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula are the perfect places to come and get fresh air and space, so keep on planning your future trips Up North. You can even start a Pinterest board to collect all your ideas for things to do Up North in one place. Follow us on Pinterest to give you some ideas to get started.

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