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Four Phelps-Area Hikes We’re Daydreaming About Taking

According to the calendar, spring has arrived in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, no matter what the recent chilly weather and still-icy lakes may say. While we wait for the stubborn snowbanks to dwindle and the trails to drain, we daydream about taking long hikes through the forest in the days ahead. If you find yourself in the Phelps area (Vilas County, Wisconsin) this spring, here are four hikes that are worth the wait.

Phelps Hiking Trail

Located off of Highway E and Sugar Maple Road, the Phelps Hiking Trail is an easy nature hike that is suitable for all ages. This 1-mile trail is perfect for enjoying the restorative sights and sounds of nature.

Beaver Creek Trail

Beaver Creek Trail is located off of Indian Road near the Vista Lake Trails. Lace up your hiking boots and experience the healing powers of a backcountry hike through pristine forested lands.

Blackjack Springs Trail

This 4-mile hiking trail features some of Vilas County’s finest opportunities for wildlife observation and bird watching. Be sure to bring your binoculars! This off-shoot of the Vista Lake Trails is a good choice for a spring day’s hike.

Conover–Phelps Trail

If you’re seeking a long—but not-too-technical—walk or bike ride amidst varied settings, check out this nearly 8-mile rail trail that will take you from Phelps to Conover. This level gravel path takes you through some wetland areas, so this is yet another great opportunity for bird watching.

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