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Celebrate National Coffee Day At A Coffeehouse Up North

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For all of you coffee lovers out there, this is a friendly reminder that National Coffee Day is this Sunday, September 29. What better way to celebrate than by stopping in at your favorite Up North coffee shop this weekend?

Here are two local coffee shops that not only make awesome coffee beverages but also offer specials this Sunday.

Eagle River Roasters

Eagle River Roasters not only prepares your cup of coffee for you to enjoy in their Eagle River coffee shop; this company also expertly roasts and processes the beans. You can pick up a bag in the Eagle River shop as well as order online or by telephone, so you can enjoy Eagle Rivers Specialty Coffee at home, even when you’re (sadly) far away from the Northwoods. For espresso drinkers who prefer full city roasts that are complex yet smooth, we recommend the Night Owl Espresso Blend. If you prefer to sip a mild cup of coffee while reading the paper (or your favorite social media feed) and getting ready for the day, the Morning Blend, with its lighter body and fruity and dark chocolate notes, is a great pick for you. Eagle River Roasters offers a variety of blends, so you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes. For National Coffee Day, Eagle River Roasters invites you to come into the shop or phone-order one bag of freshly roasted beans and offers a second bag for half price.

Contrast Coffee

If you’re just about anywhere in the Upper Peninsula this weekend, you’ll be lucky enough to be close to Contrast Coffee. With locations in Iron River, Ironwood, Iron Mountain, and Marquette, Contrast Coffee strives to be a facilitator of the U.P. community, recognizing that important connections and conversations just come easier over a quality cup of coffee. One of our favorites on the menu at Contrast Coffee is the latte. Contrast’s exceptional ingredients and the care put into crafting each custom beverage elevate this simple choice to something special. In celebration of National Coffee Day, Contrast Coffee offers you 10 percent off any latte ordered in any of their four locations.

These great offers were listed on the companies’ social media accounts at the time of writing this article. Please be sure to check in with the coffee shops to learn of any changes to the offers.

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